The vision of FOCUS is to plant vibrant, intellectual, outreaching, Jesus-loving communities on every college campus in the DFW area, and to be a resource for the world, equipping and sending campus missionaries.

UNT Campus Ministry Students
  • We will strive to compassionately and effectively communicate the good news of Jesus to every population on our campuses. Each FOCUS community will be diverse, striving to look like the broader community on its campus.
  • We will excel in developing Christlike leaders for campus missions, local churches, homes, the marketplace, and beyond.
  • We will develop mutually beneficial strategic partnerships–with churches and ministries across the metroplex, with our extensive network of alumni, and with the campuses we serve.
  • We will remain flexible and responsive to the Holy Spirit, changing our methods to reach new generations while holding fast to the values God has given us.

We plan to change the world!

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