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     Well I've been an intern for about a week now. It's crazy to think that it is all official now. We had our orientation day on Saturday, the 1st and then a slight break before heading off to staff retreat for the week. 
Some of the other interns and Kelly during orientation day
Orientation was long and a whole lot of information but it was SO cool to get together with all the staff and learn more about what this year would entail. I'm pretty excited (and a little nervous) for the classes we'll be taking, taught by the some of the senior staff of FOCUS and ministers from the Northeast churches.

Staff Retreat: Port Aransas

Some of the ladies got up early to see the sunrise over the water

  Gosh, staff retreat was just so amazing! I'd love to share about every bit of it, but I'll just pick one of my favorite memories.

Sarah Hubbard, me & Kelly
 at the beach

   One of the nights the senior started off by telling how FOCUS started and how they got involved and excited about each campus. From there each person joined in a told their own story of how they got involved with FOCUS, a lot of the stories involved other people on staff. My heart just felt filled with joy through that entire evening. That evening felt like family reminiscing on the good old days, some of those memories you're too young to be a part of but you can still see how those have trickled down and affected your life. I still can't believe how much these people have come to mean in my life, how much I truly love the rest of the staff like brothers and sisters in Christ, and how I get the awesome pleasure of working with them this next year.

Hit the Ground Running: Genesis-Judges
  Intern work has already started!
-Before August 1st: Genesis-Exodus
-August 2nd: Leviticus-Numbers
-August 3rd (car ride to Port Aransas): Deuteronomy
-During staff retreat: Joshua
-August 6th (car ride home): Judges

Some of the interns reading Joshua together

  As interns we will read through the entire Old Testament in about 2-3 weeks and we're pretty far already! Growing up in a Christian home I would've said I was pretty familiar with the Old Testament, especially the first few books and key themes. Reading through the Old Testament so consecutively has been interesting and not something I've experienced before. It is cool to see the through-line of the Israelite's story and how that is moving towards Christ and our story.

Starting on Monday we'll be up at Northeast Church reading through the rest of the Old Testament from 9-6 everyday.

Finishing Up Fundraising:
  So I'm now at 77% of my budget for the year, not 100% but getting close! I have a few more people to follow up with as well as an art sale fundraiser on the 15th! A lot of my own personal work will be for sale as well as donated work from other artist and baked goods (e-mail me if you would like more details!

How you can be involved:
-Pray that I reach 100% of my budget before September.
-Pray that the campuses (Richland and UTD) be made ready for our leaders and students to love them!
-Pray for our staff and leader team as we prepare for the upcoming school year, help us to bring Christ to the students of those campuses and really love them like crazy!

Thank you so much for joining in with me already in this exciting adventure of campus ministry! I can't wait to see what God has in store for our campuses and for the staff this year! I'm so excited to grow and be working with this ministry and people I truly love!

Stay tuned!

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