The entire Collin staff will work together at both campuses.

Garrett Davis

Collin Director - - blog

Garrett is husband to an amazing wife, Erika, and dad to a sweet chunky baby, Jack. In addition to ministry he also works as a professor of sociology at Collin College. He has a passion for woodworking, sports, and writing. He finds campus ministry deeply rewarding and plans to stay in it his whole life.

Cody McCarty

Campus Missionary - - blog

Raised on the streets of Garland and transported to the dirt roads of Denton, Cody is completely bewildered that he’s a campus missionary. Despite having a buddy tattoo a cross on his fingers in high school, involvement in the church was never on Cody’s radar, nor was common sense apparently. Then things changed in 2010 when a young man’s humbled heart met a Christ-obedient community called FOCUS. He received abundant love from his mentors, and pledged to not be stingy with the excess. He’s committed to building God’s kingdom through the college campus. Also, he loves his mom a lot.

Pedro Paz

Campus Missionary - - blog

Pedro was born in a tiny town in Mexico and moved to America at the age of 6. It took 3 years of bilingual classes for him to learn English, and now he can’t stop talking about how much he loves college students and ministry. He got a degree in Speech Pathology/Audiology from UNT after spending two years at Collin College. He can be found hanging out at Whole Foods, in a park on a hammock, or raiding your grandfather’s closet for cardigans. He’s excited about being back at Collin where the Lord first gave him insight into the importance of being an ambassador of the Kingdom.

Ryan Bristow

Campus Missionary - - blog

Ryan graduated from UNT with a degree in Integrative studies, concentrating on Sociology and Emergency Management. Those four years in the FOCUS ministry at UNT really grew his love Jesus and for other people more than any other time in his life, which was a big factor for why he wanted to do ministry full time after graduating. He grew up in a military family, moving around the U.S. for most of his childhood. He now lives in Plano, TX with his wife Nicole, and they are expecting their first dog sometime in the near future. Ryan loves woodworking (although not as much as Garrett), photography, and says he loves hockey although never seems to be doing anything about it.

Shayla Wright

Campus Missionary - - blog

After spending a brief 7 years at UNT completing her degree in Integrative Studies, she decided to make it an even 8 by doing the FOCUS Apprenticeship. One of Shayla’s visions for campus ministry is that people know they are worthy to be known, and their stories are worth listening to. When she’s not hanging out with college students, she can be found petting every dog she sees, eating breakfast tacos, spending time at her local trampoline park, or starting a show 3 years after its premiere date.