Garrett Davis

Director - Collin Campuses - - blog

Garrett is husband to an amazing wife, Erika, and dad to Jack and Juniper. In addition to ministry he also works as a professor of sociology at The University of Texas at Dallas. He has a passion for woodworking, sports, and writing. He finds ministry deeply rewarding and plans to stay in it his whole life.

Pedro Paz

Campus Missionary - - blog

Pedro was born in a tiny town in Mexico and moved to the United States at the age of 6. It took 3 years of bilingual classes for him to learn English, and now he can’t stop talking about how good the Lord is. After two years at Collin College he went to UNT to finish his degree, and has been back at Collin ever since. This year, he’s looking forward to working and growing alongside his compassionate, bold, and lovely wife Kristen while they watch their dog, Peppa, grow up.

Adriana Gonzalez

Campus Missionary - - blog

Adriana immigrated from Mexico to the United States along with her family at the age of 3. The goal was to find a better future, one that included a stable and high salary career. This better future took her to Texas Woman’s University in Denton where she discovered the importance of being a committed disciple. Three years later, she graduated with a dual degree in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing and landed her dream job at The Michael’s Company as a Product Coordinator. Over the next 2 years, she kept ties with the FOCUS community, eventually deciding to come back with us full-time at Collin College!

Jacy Garcia

Campus Missionary - - blog

After moving every 2 or so years growing up, Jacy has planted herself in Plano with her husband, Alex. Her time in FOCUS at UNT gave her a family away from home, which she hopes to bring to students on the Collin campuses. She’s excited to deepen relationships with returning students and connect with new people this year, but if she misses her daily cup of coffee, you might catch her daydreaming about eating cheesecake or having a pet goat.

Renee Walters

Campus Missionary - - blog

Renee first became involved in FOCUS back in Fall 2013 at Collin College where she quickly felt a part of the family of hooligans there. She later graduated from UTA in 2018 with the longest degree name (B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies with concentrations in Human Behavior and Intercultural Communications with a minor in Psychology). After working for a few years, Renee rejoined our crew at Collin College where it all began!

Orion Childers

Campus Missionary - - blog

Orion graduated from UNT with an unofficial degree in birdwatching. The official degree would be Ecology, but she refuses to think critically about numbers and data when it comes to research. She does love being around people and being their biggest fans when she can, something she attributes to Jesus and him changing her heart. Her time in FOCUS led her to reshape the way she saw God from a distant deity to a close, relational Father. In her free time, she loves experimenting with baking and fawning over her photogenic leopard gecko, Mowgli.

David Maynard

Campus Missionary - - blog

David thought that he went to UTD to study Math, but the Lord actually sent him to study Jesus and to become radically in love with Him. Oh, and he also learned how to play Extra Spicy Uno With Mustard there. Now, David is excited to bring his love for Hawaiian shirts, hand farts, and Taco Bell to Collin College as a FOCUS apprentice where he fully intends on being a fool for God, not cool for God.

Katherine Milian Daggett

Pastoral Apprentice - - blog

Katherine graduated from UNT in 2022 with a Bachelors in Fine Arts with a concentration in Drawing and Painting. In coming to college, she found her family in FOCUS, literally. All three of her older siblings were active in FOCUS before her, and she just followed. She loves volleyball, C.S. Lewis, hacky sack, and her very kind husband, Wilson.

Kevin Pike

Pastoral Apprentice - - blog

Kevin graduated from UNT with a bachelor’s degree in Media Arts. It was at the Mean Green campus when he joined FOCUS and found a great community that loved him for who he was. Finding out that he enjoyed ministry work more than his $20,000 degree he worked on for four years, he decided to become a pastoral apprentice with FOCUS to give college students the same experience he had. He enjoys volleyball, ultimate frisbee, Super Smash Bros, and hanging out with the FOCUS community. He is excited to see where God leads him.