Sirak Asfaw

Director - - blog

Born in Windsor, Ontario, Sirak lived in Canada until 2000, when he moved to the United States. The son of Ethiopian immigrants, his life has been anything but ordinary. Upon arriving at Collin College to study Nursing, the Lord introduced him to FOCUS and changed his life forever. Through authentic community, he gained a vision for what a campus could look like when the students make Jesus Lord of their lives. He earned two degrees in Sociology and immediately joined the FOCUS staff. He also teaches sociology as an adjunct professor at Richland College.

Sandra Salvador

Campus Missionary - - blog

When Sandra’s not busy letting every girl in FOCUS borrow her clothes, she can be found watching CNN or mourning the death of Bruiser Woods. Sandra graduated from UNT with a degree in Integrative Studies, concentrating in Journalism, Spanish, and Sociology. Sandra loved being involved in FOCUS as a student because it was through this ministry she was introduced to Jesus. Different people in her life encouraged and challenged her to do the apprenticeship last year, so she trusted God when he called her to join the Dallas staff. She is so excited for what God has in store in the coming years!

Josh Soto

Pastoral Apprentice - - blog

Although Josh had seen FOCUS his freshman year at Richland, he ran away, as any sane person would, from nice inquisitive people. It wasn’t until he was at UTD that the lawn signs led him to join FOCUS. Josh graduated with a B.S. in Sociology and spent his first year as a grad student serving at Richland. He loved it so much that he wanted to be involved more and decided to apply for the apprenticeship at Richland. Now, he is excited so serve at Richland with his favorite Ethiopian, Sirak, and his sister from another mister, Sandra.