While this school year will change some of the ways we do ministry, we are excited to continue to build community and share Jesus with our campus both through in person and virtual meetings! Below you will find information on what we do weekly!

Our ministry will be meeting every Thursday night at 7PM during the school year. Check our calendar here for meeting place details. This is our weekly large-group meeting where we get together as a community of believers to celebrate and worship God and to connect with one another.

Aside from our weekly meetings, FOCUS also has smaller communities called “Cores” that meet on weeknights throughout the school year. These co-ed and same gender groups, facilitated by student leaders, allow for deeper discussion and the chance to share in each others’ lives. This semester we are still working out core times, but will share the details with you soon! We hope you will join us!

Since our main mission is to “make and mature disciples” for Christ, we strive to ensure that each and every person in our ministry is growing as a follower and student of Jesus. Our student leaders and staff pastors take time to minister to others one on one through direct study of the Bible. We hope every student in FOCUS takes the opportunity to get involved and develop a deep spiritual friendship through a one-on-one study.

Fill out the form below and we would love to connect with you! We will also be able to keep you updated on core times and other meetings we will have throughout the school year! You can also contact laurence@anyfocus.org for more information.

  • We'll only send important info via email, but join our Facebook group (SMU FOCUS) to receive regular info, updates, and reminders!

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