Ryan Bristow

Director - Denton Campuses - ryan@anyfocus.org - blog

Ryan graduated from UNT with a degree in Integrative Studies, concentrating on Sociology and Emergency Management. Those four years in FOCUS at UNT really grew his love for Jesus and for other people, and were a huge factor in why he wanted to go into full-time ministry after graduating. After working for a couple years with the students at Collin College, he and his wife are now settled in Denton and working hard to raise their two adorable dogs right.

Shayla Trotter

Campus Missionary - shayla@anyfocus.org - blog

By encountering Jesus through FOCUS as a student at UNT, Shayla became a committed Christian. Jesus changed Shayla’s life forever, and the vision to become a full time campus missionary seemed to be her calling. Shayla graduated from UNT in 2016 and has been a full time campus missionary ever since. Shayla is a missionary at her alma mater and lives with her very sweet and very strange husband, Grant. Shayla can be found trying to convince her husband that they should get a dog, eating chips (she REALLY likes chips), and teaching students about the 1990’s (and Jesus).

Darby Cleveland

Campus Missionary - darby.cleveland@anyfocus.org - blog

Darby is a recent graduate from UT Dallas and has a degree in Arts and Technology–which just means she’s basically a renaissance (wo)man. She is married to Drew and would like everyone to know that she is from San Antonio, not Austin. When she is not drinking coffee, talking about cats or taking pictures, you can find her spending time with people. She joined FOCUS after having it thrust upon her by her mom and has fallen in love with God’s community there ever since.

Reagann Smith

Campus Missionary - reagann.keller@anyfocus.org - blog

Reagann was born and raised in the DFW area and graduated from UNT with her bachelor’s degree in chemistry. Towards the end of her freshman year, she got involved in FOCUS and fell in love with campus ministry. Although she had planned to pursue forensic chemistry after graduation, God has consistently tugged her towards committing a few more years to campus ministry. In her spare time she enjoys hanging out with her new husband, eating queso, and reorganizing her book collection.

Drew Cleveland

Campus Missionary - drew.cleveland@anyfocus.org - blog

Born and raised in Austin, Drew came to Dallas to get a degree in Arts and Technology from UTD. He got involved with FOCUS as a freshman and spent years being known as “Darby’s boyfriend,” but is now proud to go by the title of “Darby’s husband.” During his time in college, God really changed Drew’s heart and he caught a vision for what campus ministry can do in people’s lives.  So now he can be found meeting up with students and helping them learn more about Jesus, while on the side trying to hide the fact that he is actually a child trapped in a mans body who just wants to eat chicken nuggets and go to recess.

Cole Benge

Pastoral Apprentice - cole.benge@anyfocus.org - blog

Cole recently graduated from UT Arlington where he got a degree in architecture. He got involved with FOCUS through freshman orientation and made many friends–friends that would love him so well for years to come. In those relationships, he experienced the love of Jesus like never before. After five years as a student at UT Arlington, Cole is joining our Denton team as a pastoral apprentice. He enjoys the outdoors, walks, trees, disc golf and making things with his hands, but mostly just being goofy and making people laugh.

Becca Wilson

Pastoral Apprentice - becca.wilson@anyfocus.org - blog

Becca was born right around the same time that FOCUS was founded, and only God knew what an impact it would make on her life 18 years later as a freshman in college.  Becca studied at Collin College and TWU where she majored in nutrition and health education.  It was at Collin where she was first encouraged to join FOCUS and she just never stopped going!  Through this community she has learned more of what it looks like to be a disciple of Jesus and participate in His mission.  FOCUS has been an immense blessing in her life and she is looking forward to now serving with our Denton team.

Steven Lo

Pastoral Apprentice - steven.lo@anyfocus.org - blog

Born and raised in Austin, Steven didn’t want to go anywhere but UT Austin for school, but God had a different plan. During his time at UT Dallas, Steven realized he was pursuing his own goals rather than Christ’s. With the help of some of the amazing students and staff in FOCUS, he’s been trying to reorient his life towards God’s mission. This year, he joins the FOCUS staff team as an apprentice in Denton!