Danielle Rodriguez Clark

Campus Missionary - danielle@anyfocus.org - blog

Danielle graduated from UTD twice and began working as a Speech-Language Pathologist, which she still does half-time. She was an intern at UNT before joining their staff. She enjoys long walks on the beach, playing with her cat, and folding people’s laundry. She loves doing ministry with college students because of their enthusiasm and passion!

Rhett Hayes

Campus Missionary Apprentice - rhett@anyfocus.org - blog

Rhett first joined FOCUS as a seventeen-year-old freshman with bad hair at the University of Texas at Dallas. There, he learned what it means to follow Jesus and disciple others. After realizing the heart God had given him for ministry, he decided to pursue the FOCUS Apprenticeship, which landed him in Denton. Rhett thinks he will fit right in with the artsy crowd there, thanks to his marketing degree. He is addicted to drinking unsweet tea and reading books at McDonald’s. If McDonald’s ministry were a thing, Rhett would be doing it.