Our ministry meets every  Friday Night at 7 PM  during the school year. This is our weekly large-group meeting where we get together as a community of believers to celebrate and worship God and to connect with one another. Our location may vary so check the calendar for up to date information. We hope you will join us!

Aside from our weekly meetings, FOCUS also has smaller communities called “Cores” that meet on weeknights throughout the school year. These same-gender groups, facilitated by student leaders, allow for deeper discussion and the chance to share in each other’s lives. This is one of the main places students form long-lasting, close-knit friendships in our community. We refer to these groups as cores because they are the core of our ministry.

Since our main mission is to “make and mature disciples” for Christ, we strive to ensure that each and every person in our ministry is growing as a follower and student of Jesus. Our student leaders and staff pastors take time to minister to others one on one through direct study of the Bible and Christ-centered principles, with the intent of training others to teach Christ to the people in their lives. We hope every student in FOCUS takes the opportunity to get involved in a Core and develop a deep spiritual friendship through a one-on-one study.

Sign up for core below and one of our core facilitators will get in touch with you.

UT Dallas

Men Women
Tim Hewitt & Nick McClendon
Tuesday - 5:00pm
Katy Jordan & Jessica Butcher
Monday - 5:30pm
Ricardo Gastelum, Manny Semidey, and Michael Strack
Tuesday - 6:00pm
Darby James & Davina Dhani
Tuesday - 7:30pm
Brandon Whitaker & Mark Merola
Tuesday 7:00pm
Ashlyn Sauer & Jennifer Ruppi
Tuesday - 7:30pm
Drew Cleveland & Josh Soto
Tuesday - 7:30pm
Abigail Malone & Joyce Sunny
Wednesday - 7:00pm
David Moran & Kufre Inyang
Tuesday - 8:00pm
Stephanie Brye & Hollee Ratliff
Wednesday - 7:00pm
Michael Murphy & Stephen Milian
Wednesday - 6:00pm
Emily Umstead & Vanessa Webb
Thursday - 7:15pm
Ryan Reynolds & Paul Ueng
Wednesday - 7:30pm
Irina Brock & Laura Daigh
Thursday - 7:30pm
Manny Semidey & Michael Strack
Wednesday - 7:30pm
Kylie Von Runnen & Sarah Hackenbracht
Thursday - 8pm
William Carmichael & Jeremy Stufflebeam
Wednesday - 7:30pm

Karlo Digno & Gordan Herrmann
Thursday - 7:00pm

Joey Thurston & Joseph Hackenbracht
Thursday - 7:30pm

Austin Nelson & Casey Hopper
Thursday - 7:30pm

Jesse Bales & Luke Anderson
Thursday - 8:00pm


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