Brandon Worsham

Men's Director - - blog

Brandon went to UTD as a freshman in 1997 and never left. His dad became a Christian in college while studying chemistry, and then a campus minister, so campus ministry is in his blood. He has 2 degrees in business from UTD and worked on the side in business consulting for much of his career. He enjoys reading, racquetball, and ultimate frisbee, but mostly just spending time with friends–especially college students! He has a booming laugh and sometimes gets texts while in the Student Union that say, “I know you’re here somewhere–I heard you laughing.” He’s married to Sarah, who leads FOCUS at UT Arlington. Fittingly, he proposed in front of over 600 students.

Mandy Lanciani

Women's Director - - blog

Mandy graduated from UT Dallas with a Bachelors in Economics and Finance and from Amberton University with a Masters in Human Relations and Business. She was involved in starting FOCUS at UTD while she was a student there. This is where her passion and love for campus ministry began. Mandy married Andrew in 2002 and they both are crazy about their labradors, Harvey and Daisy.

Peter Ueng

Assistant Director - - blog

A West Coast transplant, Peter tries his best to pass as a native Texan, including learning to love two-step dancing, country music, and that southern drawl. After hanging up his guitar, he spends more time on the other side of the sound board now. But every so often, he still cracks open the old instrument to lead worship. Coming up on a decade of campus ministry, Peter is still in love with being a part of Jesus’ work in transforming lives on college campuses. Please pray for him as this sinner navigates the waters of being married!

Rhett Hayes

Campus Missionary - - blog

Rhett first joined FOCUS as a seventeen-year-old freshman with bad hair at the University of Texas at Dallas. There, he learned what it means to follow Jesus and disciple others. After realizing the heart God had given him for ministry, he decided to pursue a life in college ministry. After apprenticing with FOCUS in Denton in 2017, he came back to his alma mater, and has been pastoring students there and growing closer to God ever since. Because he missed the feeling of having to write research papers, he’s now pursuing a Master of Arts in Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary while pastoring on campus.

Cort Thomas

Campus Administrator - - blog

Growing up, members of FOCUS were a big part of Cort’s life. FOCUS students and staff taught his Sunday School classes and volunteered at his camps all the way up until he graduated high school. Cort joined FOCUS at Collin College in the Fall of 2014 and, after 2 years of study at Collin, Cort transferred to The University of Texas at Dallas to complete a Bachelors of Arts in Arts and Technology. Even though his dream is to work in the production of games and cartoons, Cort felt led by God to go back and continue doing ministry with FOCUS.

Kylie Sanchez

Campus Missionary - - blog

Kylie graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas (Whoosh) in 2019, with a B.S. in Business Administration. She previously attended Collin College (Go Cougs) for her freshman and sophomore year, where she was introduced to FOCUS. This ministry made a profound impact, not only on her experience in college but on her life as a disciple. She was able to stay at UTD post-grad for the apprenticeship and had so much fun that she decided it wasn’t time for her to leave yet. Some of Kylie’s other interests include singing, reading, dancing, Disney, and her dog, Moose.

Andrea Sierra

Campus Missionary - - blog

Andrea was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, where she was never more than a couple of blocks away from a breakfast taco. After high school, she moved to Dallas and fell in love with Jesus (and of course Temoc, UTD’s school mascot). Andrea graduated in 2020 with a degree in Psychology and Child Learning and Development. She also minored in Visual Arts, mostly as an excuse to spend more time in the beautiful arts building.

Lindsey Royal

Campus Missionary - - blog

Lindsey graduated from Texas Christian University (Go Frogs!) with a degree in Psychology. During her freshman year, a campus missionary invited her to meet Jesus! Her life was transformed and ever since then, she has wanted to help other college students come to know Jesus. She spent all four years at TCU cheering on the sidelines and even now, you can always count on Lindsey to cheer you on! She recently married her husband, William, who was involved with FOCUS throughout college.

Lailah Duke

Campus Missionary - - blog

Lailah is a San Francisco native who graduated from Howard University with a BFA in Dance. After graduation in 2015, she worked with Dallas Black Dance Theatre for 6 years as a dancer and dance teacher. In year 5 of her time at DBDT, a co-worker, friend, and FOCUS grad studied the Bible with her, and it was there that her desire to follow Christ emerged. As her new walk with Christ deepened, so did her hunger for being an effective disciple. With that in mind, she decided to transition from her dance career to working with FOCUS, seeking to learn how to love people and be a trustworthy leader for Christ in the world.

Michelle Doty

Campus Missionary - - blog

Michelle graduated from the University of North Texas with a degree in Sociology. She got involved with FOCUS her freshman year at Collin College, where everything clicked and she found a new purpose for her life: knowing Jesus and making him known. Along with campus ministry, she loves her husband, Kurt, and her three guinea pigs, Cuddles, RayRay, and Sugar.

Hannah Stephens

Pastoral Apprentice - - blog

Hannah graduated from University of Texas at Dallas with a degree in Healthcare Studies on the Pre-Physician Assistant track. She has been a part of FOCUS since her sophomore year of college and has enjoyed getting to serve in this community. She is so excited to return to UTD this year as a pastoral apprentice! Fun facts about Hannah are that she was a Girl Scout for 12 years and she loves the Twilight book and movie series.

Stian Valnes

Pastoral Apprentice - - blog

Stian graduated from The University of Texas at Dallas with a degree in Business. He was first introduced to FOCUS his freshman year and after much softening of his heart by the Lord, he came to know and follow Christ. Along with campus ministry, Stian enjoys woodworking and carpentry. Whereas Jesus was more than a carpenter, Stian is just a carpenter.

Coral James

Pastoral Apprentice - - blog

Coral graduated from the University of North Texas with a degree in Biology on the Pre-Medical track. She absolutely loved being part of FOCUS for all four years of college, and Jesus truly used it to change her life. She recently spent five months in Sierra Leone, West Africa and is now so excited to be back serving with FOCUS at UT Dallas! In her spare time, Coral can be found cooking West African food, spending time outdoors, or maybe watching The Princess Bride for the millionth time.