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As long as there are students at UTD, we’ll be there too. Even in in the midst of a pandemic, we’re meeting! Though our large gatherings this semester may be online, the true life of our ministry has always been in our small groups and one-on-ones. We plan to continue those in-person in safe ways for those who are interested, and also offer online options.

We call our small groups, “Cores,” and they meet during the week throughout the year. These same-gender groups, facilitated by student leaders, allow for deeper discussion and the chance to share in each other’s lives. This is one of the main places students form long-lasting, close-knit friendships in our community. We refer to these groups as cores because they are the core of our ministry. Everyone is welcome, whether you’re a Christian or not!

If you’re interested in an in-person or online core, or would like to be kept in the loop on what’s happening, sign up below! We’re excited to meet you!

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