Pizza Theology – Exploring Exodus

Date 26/02/2019
Series Pizza Theology
Key Speaker Abigail Malone, Brandon Worsham, Garrett Davis, Jalen Quintana, Kristen Paz, Laurence Glenesk, Rhett Hayes
File Type mp3

Laurence gives an Introduction into Exodus for us. Presentation here.

Rhett then follows up with the Story of Exodus. Presentation here.

Abigail begins exploring The Law, then breaks for pizza. She then recaps after dinner and finishes her exploration of The Law. Presentation here.

Kristen goes into The Tabernacle. Presentation here.

Jalen discusses Exodus in terms of the New Testament. Presentation here.

Q&A with speakers (feat. Brandon and Garrett).

Pizza Theology Packet here.

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