Personal Schedule Worksheet

Date 10/08/2016
Series Corefas, General
File Type pdf

This is a helpful resource when planning your ideal week. Here are some pointers:

  1. This is designed to be a look at an ideal week in your life. Chances are, this week will never exist (So don’t put in appointments that are for this week only, etc.)
  2.  Start by putting all of your classes and meetings with multiple people (like FOCUS) into the grid. Make sure to allow for travel time to and from.
  3. Add in your work schedule, if applicable.
  4. Add in time for sleeping. In an ideal week, what time would you go to bed? What time would you get up? Be realistic or this tool won’t help much.
  5. Add in your 1-on-1 meetings.
  6. Now find times for you to work on your “To do” list. How much time will you need for homework and studying in the average week? How much to complete other tasks? Look for ways to convert travel time into task time. For example, if you have two classes an hour apart, you could walk to your apartment and back and have thirty free minutes, or you could find a place to study on campus and get an hour of homework done (or make phone calls, catch up on sleep, set up a meeting with someone from your core, go to the student union to meet new people, etc.)
  7. Now find times for you to be alone with God in prayer, study, and worship.
  8. Make sure  to note times that you will want to open for free time every week (like Saturday nights). Add in times to work out if you want.
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