Temptation to be Spectacular

Date 14/06/2018
Series Summer FOCUS 2018
Key Speaker Jalen Quintana
File Type

Discussion Questions:

Set 1

Do you measure success by how big your core is or by how loved your core is?

Do you measure success by how deep your “wisdom” sounds when it comes out of your mouth or by how helpful it actually is in pointing people to Jesus?

Do you measure success by how much the people you invest in admire you or by how much they admire their Lord and Savior?

Do you measure success by how original your advice is or by how well it copies the advice already given in Scripture?

Do we as a community measure success by how big we are or by how faithful we are to representing our seemingly unimpressive God to our campuses?

Do we as a community send our students to SICM because we sincerely believe it’s the right time for them or because we want credit for developing leaders?

Set 2

What areas of your life are you hiding?

What aspects of your character are you hiding?

Do you believe that God lied when he said his power is made perfect in weakness?

What is one thing that you need to confess this week?

Who’s one person who needs to hear you confess this week?

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