Niko Skinner, UNT

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As a black man, I have faced my share of challenges, with the most prevalent being stereotyping. There are many stereotypes of a black man that I didn’t live out. For example, I prefer seafood over fried chicken. Other examples include the fact that I did pole vault instead of basketball in high school (pole vault is a predominately white sport), that I prefer grapes over watermelon and that I speak proper English instead of ebonics. For these reasons, I have been told that I’m “not black” or that I’m “a white person stuck inside a black person’s body”. Ever since I got plugged into FOCUS, I have never had to worry about ridicule or judgement for showing who I really am. That is truly a blessing because I believe that God strongly encourages diversity. In closing, stay true to yourself, and don’t change for anybody except our Lord and Savior.

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