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You’ll notice that we say “who” and not “what.” That’s because at the heart we’re not just an SMU college ministry organization, a system, or an event. We’re a community. We don’t go to FOCUS – we are FOCUS!


Spend any time with us and you’ll quickly see we’re all different–different majors, different places in our education, from different states, countries, and ethnicities. We grew up differently and with different faith backgrounds.


But we have some important things in common!


We recognize that college is a unique time of our lives and we want to make the most of it. Jesus said, “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” As we choose to follow Him we are experiencing that to be true.

Jesus also taught that no one should follow Him by themselves, so as a community, we are involved in each other’s lives. Our college ministry consists of several weekly student-led small groups called “Community Groups” where we share life, pray, and read the Bible together. All of us in community groups have the opportunity to meet regularly with a student leader to help us grow in following Jesus well. Those student leaders are mentored by a Campus Pastor who helps pastor our community.


But we aren’t just about ourselves…

In a hurting, broken, needy world, Jesus claims to bring healing, life, and hope – and He sends us as His messengers! We care deeply for SMU’s campus, for the Dallas community, and for the world, so you’ll find us sharing the good news about Jesus all over – out on campus, in our commons, wherever we go.


We would love to have you join us! Bring your enthusiasm and your questions, your faith and your doubts, your gifts and your weaknesses, your dreams and your fears. We’d love to be part of your life at SMU! Our community always has room, wherever you find yourself.


  • FOCUS has been a registered student organization & college ministry at SMU since 2016.
  • We are associated with a larger community of churches and FOCUS ministries throughout the Dallas, Denton, and Fort Worth areas.
  • We have a historic statement of faith and see ourselves as part of the global and historical community of people who have decided to attach themselves to Jesus.

We hope to have the opportunity to bless your college experience in some way.

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