Summer Fundraising

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      Well we're into July and nearly done with the summer! It's been such a crazy summer of God providing for me at every turn, in housing, in a summer job and most of all: fundraising!
(Me & my family at my graduation)
   For those of my readers who aren't super familiar with my family, it's pretty big. (I'm the oldest of seven) They were all able to make it down from Tennessee for my graduation at UNT. That following week was filled with family fun, packing and a WHOLE lot of driving back and forth between Plano and Denton! By the end of the week I was mostly moved out of my apartment and into my sweet friend Amy's apartment. 
  Living with Amy has been such a sweet blessing, it's bittersweet I'll have to leave her in a few weeks to move into a new place for the fall. I'm excited to be living closer to UTD and Richland hopefully and with three other sweet girls. Please be praying for our house hunt!

  June was probably one of the busiest months of my summer (we'll see if July soon squashes that). I was privileged to have sweet friends get married left and right. I had a wedding every weekend in June except the last, crazy but so cool to see God working in the lives of all these newly weds!
  June has also been busy because I've gotten such great opportunities to meet up with people, fundraise alongside the other interns and do fun projects like this one:
  I went down to Houston and painted a flower design on my grandparent's fence. Oddly enough this project helped me to think about fundraising in a new way. Each day I spent hours with my nose pressed up against the fence, painting flowers in the heat. It would get frustrating at times and hard to tell how the painting was going to turn out overall. I've begun to think fundraising is like art. (BFA coming in handy!) 
  You are so close into a piece sometimes that it is hard to look at it and really see how it will come out. You keep working and there are times were things just aren't flowing well. If you press through and finally finish the work you stand back to see a master piece that wasn't on the blank canvas before. You get messy, it's hard and sometimes frustrating but there are also parts that are therapeutic and bring the artist joy. When you finish and step back there is your masterpiece. 
  Fundraising for me has felt like a collaborative art piece with God. It can get hard and somewhat scary to rely on the grace and willingness of other people to provide for you. However, I've begun to see that as I work with God and trust in him to connect me with the right people, to ask that scary question and to share with them the burning desire I have to share Christ with students, that God truly comes through!

  At July 1st each intern was supposed to be around 75% of their fundraising. 
…July 1st came and I was at a solid 34%. My first reaction is to be discouraged, frustrated and worried that I'm not going to make it to my goal by August 1st. But, taking a step back from the painting I see the tiny brush strokes where God put people in my path to join my team. I see a splash of color my creator added that is a relationship rekindled through this process. I see his beautiful composition that has ultimately helped me to rely and trust on him for my livelihood.
(Focus friends headed to Rockwall for 4th of July fun)
  I just want to thank you all so much for joining me in this journey thus far! I can see God preparing our leaders and our students to really love our campuses this year and I could not be more excited! I am now at 40% in fundraising and a ways to go. I don't doubt for a second that God will provide as long as I continue to do my part and be bold to find people who are excited about what God is doing on our campuses across the metroplex!
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