Goal: $15,000 to invest in outreach events and materials for our 11 campuses:

-To throw parties and events for our students to reach out to their peers

-To bring in outside speakers who are skilled at communicating the faith to non-believers

-For creative outreach displays and Christian materials to give away on campus to help facilitate spiritual conversations

 Goal: $15,000 to initially fund the staff seminary fund

Our staff holds a variety of degrees from public universities, but we want to ensure that we are ready to teach the gospel at a college level. There’s a desire among our ministers to take seminary courses, but it’s very expensive and doesn’t increase their earning potential. Ultimately, we’d like to be able to at least provide matching funds for tuition for those ministers who want to pursue advanced degrees in Bible and ministry.


Every year we have students who aren’t quite able to make ends meet. We also work closely with specific Christian counselors to help students work through some of their complicated issues. While we don’t pay for ongoing counseling, we often pay for a few sessions (when the student can’t afford it) to help jumpstart healing and growth. We’d like to continue to be able to help them, when necessary.

 Goal: $5,000 for worship equipment

It’s time to upgrade and replace some worship equipment at a couple of our campuses.

 Goal: $20,000 for office and classroom renovation

The Northeast Church in Garland graciously allows us to use space in their building for our office and to hold classes for our apprentices (they even pay for our utilities!). But those spaces need to be updated and upgraded. We’ve done all the cheap stuff already; now we need better lighting, new paint and flooring, and new furnishings to provide our staff with spaces conducive to learning and working.



Goal: $24,000 to match 3% staff contributions to retirement

We are starting a 403(b) retirement plan for our staff (basically a 401(k) for non-profits). We’d love to be able to provide up to 3% matching funds for those who contribute to their plan in 2018 to encourage wise saving for retirement.

 Goal: $50,000 – 50% of the health insurance premiums for our entire staff for one year.

We believe that investing in the health of our staff members is important for the mission of our organization.

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