changing hearts. changing people.

  • "God has used this ministry to challenge my lack of vulnerability, serve me when I didn’t want help, and include me before I even believed that I belonged. I’m not alone anymore and I’m learning how to be a kid again, free to trust that God is in control."

    Nicole Jones
    Nicole Jones Texas Women's University: Denton
  • "I'm thankful for my community showing me that living for Jesus is not a Sunday morning commitment but a 24/7 opportunity to love and serve others."

    Evan Smits
    Evan Smits Richland College

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Exploring Exodus

Exploring Exodus

Did you miss Pizza Theology? Or do you just want to give your brain a chance to reabsorb all that material? Listen to the audio now! Laurence, Rhett, Abbie, Kristen, and Jalen discuss the book of Exodus.


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