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changing hearts. changing people.

  • "Even though the seasons come and go, I believe that FOCUS will continue to make disciples and change the hearts of university students for many years to come!"

    Dayo Akinyede
    Dayo Akinyede Richand College
  • "When I saw how much they loved and built each other up, I realized that I was missing that kind of community in my life."

    Deanne Dato-on
    Deanne Dato-on Collin College

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FOCUS on Jesus

FOCUS on Jesus

Several FOCUS alumni have helped us take our FOCUS on Jesus study and build it into an online app accessible on any device.

We'll be adding some more features over time, but it's ready for use!

Special thanks to Manny Semidey (UI/UX), Matt Evans (Development), and Sarah Laird (Illustrations).

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