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changing hearts. changing people.

  • "Growing up in a Christian household, my parents taught me about Jesus. But they never taught me how to live as a Christian. Now that I’m in FOCUS, I’m developing my faith with a group of people that won’t judge me or make me feel less than because I asked a certain question."

    Sayuri Almeida
    Sayuri Almeida Richland College
  • "My first time at Thursday Night FOCUS was awesome. I had never met a group of young adults that were so passionate and committed to the word of Christ. I’ve made great friends and I’ve realized that I’m not alone in this world."

    Maurivio Savila
    Maurivio Savila Collin College

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Winter Camp 2020

Winter Camp 2020

Get ready for Winter Camp 2020! It will take place from January 17-20 in at Sky Ranch in Van, TX.

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