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changing hearts. changing people.

  • "I stumbled upon a FOCUS game night on the way back to my dorm. When I found out later it was hosted by a Christian organization, it hit me: here was a big neon sign pointing me back to God. By the end of the next few weeks, I had joined a Core, attended church and a fellowship night, and begun a weekly “Focus on Jesus” session with one of my Corefas, all with the aim to pursue God."

    Kierra Beeson
    Kierra Beeson University of Texas at Dallas
  • "Before I joined FOCUS, I was lost. I was struggling with my faith and didn't have any friends to talk to about it... Since I've joined FOCUS, I've been able to grow deep, lasting friendships centered around God and have found some of my closest friends."

    Johnny Dickinson
    Johnny Dickinson University of North Texas

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