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changing hearts. changing people.

  • "Whether it’s one-on-one bible studies, weekly Core, or Thursday Night Fellowship, I am constantly engaged. These experiences have instilled within my heart the passion to lead, grow, and share with others about the saving name of Christ."

    Brandon Serrano
    Brandon Serrano Southern Methodist University
  • "The relationships I gained through FOCUS changed my life forever and gave me a framework for how to live my life in a community. As I move through adulthood and experience the challenges that come along with that, I truly believe God has used these relationships to sustain me and help me see His love for me."

    Chelsea Davis
    Chelsea Davis University of North Texas Alumnus

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Pizzalippians: The Upward Call

Pizzalippians: The Upward Call

Did you miss Pizza Theology? No problem! You can still listen to Bill Watson's talk on Philippians.


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