Our Administrators

Paul Ueng

Director of Administration

Paul graduated from the University of Washington in 2015 with a bachelor’s in Industrial and Systems Engineering. After moving to Texas in 2016, it took 4 years before he felt led to join FOCUS in an official capacity as an administrator. You can probably find him scheming to get people together to do something fun, like play pickleball or watch a musical!

April Solis


April graduated from UTD with a degree in political science, a minor in literature, and a passion for ministry! After working at a library and then an office at UT Dallas, she came back to her roots in FOCUS and joined the team as an administrator. April’s hobbies include annoying her supervisor (Paul), obsessively playing Wordle, guessing her friends’ enneagram types, and adding books to her to-read list. She enjoys serving the FOCUS staff and students behind the scenes and supporting the SMU campus!

Debbie Sustaita


Debbie graduated from UT Dallas, well before most of our current FOCUS students were even born, with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis on Management of Information Systems. She has been a part of the FOCUS community since 2002 as a member, a core leader, and as an administrator and event planner. Over the last two decades, Debbie’s life has been closely connected to FOCUS. Debbie met her wonderful husband, Joe, in the FOCUS ministry and she hopes that one day her son, Kai, will attend college where a FOCUS ministry is alive and thriving. She loves to serve the FOCUS community through organizing events, working on projects that no one else wants to do, and she excels at completing “other tasks as assigned”. Debbie enjoys introducing friends and family to new restaurants, spending time in her garden, and shopping online for her next novelty purse.

Johnny Sanchez



Garrett Davis

Director of Development

Garrett is husband to an amazing wife, Erika, and dad to Jack and Juniper. In addition to ministry he also works as a professor of sociology at The University of Texas at Dallas. He has a passion for woodworking, sports, and writing. He finds ministry deeply rewarding and plans to stay in it his whole life.