Assistant Director - Collin Campuses - pedro@anyfocus.org | blog

Even though English isn’t his first language, he can’t stop talking about how good the Lord is. He has been a student and campus minister at Collin College since 2012, with a 2 year gap to get his degree at UNT. His heart for what God is doing on the Collin campuses has only grown.


Campus Missionary - adriana.gonzalez@anyfocus.org | blog

Adriana immigrated from Mexico to the United States along with her family at the age of 3. The goal was to find a better future, one that included a stable and high salary career. This better future took her to Texas Woman’s University in Denton where she discovered the importance of being a committed disciple. Three years later, she graduated with a dual degree in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing and landed her dream job at The Michael’s Company as a Product Coordinator. Over the next 2 years, she kept ties with the FOCUS community, eventually deciding to come back with us full-time at Collin College!


Campus Missionary - jacy.garcia@anyfocus.org | blog

After moving every 2 or so years growing up, Jacy has planted herself in Wylie with her husband, Alex. Her time in FOCUS at UNT gave her a family away from home, which she hopes to bring to students on the Collin campuses. She’s excited to deepen relationships with returning students and connect with new people this year, but if she misses her daily cup of coffee, you might catch her daydreaming about eating cheesecake or having a pet goat.


Campus Missionary - kevin.pike@anyfocus.org | blog

Kevin graduated from UNT with a bachelor's degree in Media Arts. It was at the Mean Green campus that he joined FOCUS and found a great community that loved him for who he was. Finding out that he enjoyed ministry work more than his $20,000 degree he spent four years earning, he decided to become a campus missionary with FOCUS. He hopes to give other students the experience he had. Apart from that, he enjoys volleyball, ultimate frisbee, Super Smash Bros, and hanging out with the FOCUS community. He is excited to see where God leads him.


Campus Missionary - eileen.gratkins@anyfocus.org

Eileen came to know Jesus as a university student through the efforts of a campus ministry at Colorado State University. She worked ministering to the students at CSU for the next several years before becoming part of a team that started a new ministry on the campus of Arizona State University. After 10 years first at CSU then ASU, she transitioned to serving God in the marketplace - working as a high school educator, teaching chemistry and physics. In 2022, she was able to retire from teaching and move to Texas to work with FOCUS, excited to return to her passion for making and maturing disciples on the college campus.


Campus Missionary - stian.valnes@anyfocus.org | blog

Stian graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas with a degree in Business. He was first introduced to FOCUS his freshman year and after much softening of his heart by the Lord, he came to know and follow Christ. Along with campus ministry, Stian enjoys woodworking and carpentry. Whereas Jesus was more than a carpenter, Stian is just a carpenter.


Campus Missionary - tania.volosen@anyfocus.org | blog

Though born in Romania, Tania and her family moved to Dallas in 2000. Following the steps of three of her older siblings, Tania attended UTD and graduated in May 2022. While pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, Tania got plugged into FOCUS where she began to experience God’s love and transformative grace through the community of believers. After graduation, Tania worked for an accounting firm for a total of almost two years; however, throughout those two years, she felt the Holy Spirit move her toward considering the FOCUS apprenticeship. Tania is so thrilled to be partnering in the work of making and maturing disciples at Collin College! Outside of adoring God, people, and his word, Tania enjoys going for runs, kayaking, and hammocking with a good book.


Campus Missionary - mackenzie.kinder@anyfocus.org | blog

MacKenzie graduated from University of North Texas with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Theatre. This degree included things such as a five minute silent monologue where she had to portray an animal to a Hollywood and the Wild West class where she watched Westerns all day. MacKenzie found Jesus and His all encompassing love for us at UNT and she is so excited to offer that to students! You can tell she is in a room by her booming laugh and continuous ask to play mafia!