We are so sorry to announce that both the May and June SICM trips will be canceled. It looks like there will be some sort of digital SICM in June, but we will keep you posted about the details as we hear them. We are also considering a FOCUS alternative later in the summer.

If you have already made a payment, you will be refunded. If you paid online, it will be refunded on the card that was used to pay. If you paid by check or cash, you will receive a check, and Hannah will reach out to you individually to find out who to write the check to and where to mail it.

Concerning donations: If a donor gave to FOCUS specifically for your SICM trip, they will have the opportunity to be refunded or to set it aside for next year’s SICM trip. If they wish for it to be set aside for next year, it will be reserved for you. Hannah will be reaching out to those donors this week and next.

All money received from Showcase or other fundraisers will be set aside and used for SICM next year. Again, if money is tied to you specifically, it will be reserved for you if you go to SICM in 2021.

Thank you so much for being flexible and understanding. Please don’t hesitate to email hannah@anyfocus.org or reach out to campus staff if you have any questions.

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