Come to Core!

“Cores” meet during the week throughout the school year. These groups are facilitated by student leaders and allow for deeper discussion and the chance to share in each other’s lives. This is one of the main places students form long-lasting, close-knit friendships in our community. We refer to these groups as cores because they are the core of our ministry. Fill out our form below to find out when these groups are meeting weekly both virtually and in person.

One-on-One Studies

Since our main mission is to “make and mature disciples” for Christ, we strive to ensure that each and every person in our ministry is growing as a follower and student of Jesus. Our student leaders and staff pastors take time to minister to others one on one through direct study of the Bible and Christ-centered principles, with the intent of training others to teach Christ to the people in their lives. We hope every student in FOCUS takes the opportunity to get involved in a Core and develop a deep spiritual friendship through a one-on-one study.

Fill out the form below and we would love to connect with you! We will also be able to keep you updated on core times and other meetings we will have throughout the school year! You can also contact darby.cleveland@anyfocus.org for more information.