Thursday, June 13th – Saturday, June 22nd

Registration for June SICM is closed. If you need to register, please contact hannah@anyfocus.org after talking to a staff member at your campus.


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The 2019 June Student Institute of Campus Ministry (SICM) trip will start on Thursday, June 13th and end on Saturday, June 22nd. You will be notified at a later date about your flight details.

What is SICM?
At SICM you will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and learn campus ministry from some of the most experienced campus pastors in the country. Come ready to be challenged, come to be filled, and come to change the world.  In just one week, you will gain personal and practical growth in small group leadership, evangelism, prayer, worship, Bible study, and a whole lot more. After SICM, you will return to your college or university with a deeper understanding of God’s purpose in your life and the lives of those around you. Plus, you’ll take back some great tools and ministry skills to help realize that purpose. The SICM program is hosted and presented by Campus Christian Fellowship (CCF) at Western Washington University.

What is CCF?
Campus Christian Fellowship (CCF) is a Chi Alpha campus Ministry. It was started by students in 1972 as an interdenominational Christian student organization at Western Washington University. Since then, CCF has also begun ministries at Whatcom Community College and Skagit Valley College. For more information about CCF, the SICM hosting ministry, visit www.ccfministry.com   or www.nwsicm.org  (DO NOT REGISTER FOR SICM ON THE CCF OR THE NW SICM PAGE.)


* We are estimating the airline ticket at $400 but when we book the actual tickets, we will try to book tickets at a lower price. Once all the tickets for SICM are purchased, if the average cost of the airline tickets is lower than $400, we will refund the difference to each student attending SICM.


You are welcome to purchase your own tickets for traveling to SICM. Please DO NOT purchase your tickets without first confirming your flight information with your FOCUS campus director.

Since we have very specific transportation needs, it is very important that you make flight arrangements that will correspond to the following details:

  • Arrive in Seattle on Thursday, June 13th. You may arrive at any time, but please note that if you arrive before our group arrives, you will need to take a free shuttle to our hotel near the airport.
  • Return to Texas on Saturday, June 22nd. You may fly out of Bellingham Airport (BLI) or SeaTac (SEA) for your return flight to Texas. If you fly out of Bellingham, you are welcome to fly at any time. If you are flying out of SeaTac, we recommend that you book a flight that leaves after 11am so that we can arrange for you to take a shuttle back in to Seattle to catch your flight. Please keep in mind that the shuttle back to Seattle can take anywhere from 2.5 hrs – 3 hrs.

**If you are unable to reconcile your schedule with the SICM travel dates, you might consider the May SICM session.  May SICM will be May 10th-19th. Please let us know if your schedule only permits you to attend SICM in May so we can coordinate you attending with some of our other campuses**

What if I can’t afford to pay for SICM?
Here are a few suggestions for how you can pay for your SICM trip.

  • Can you pay for the trip in payments? Below are some payment options available to you:
    • Payment Option 1: $350 deposit, $150/month for 4 months
    • Payment Option 2: $350 deposit, $100/month for 6 months
    • Talk to a member of your campus staff for more payment plan options
  • Ask family members, church friends, and people you know to sponsor your trip to SICM.  For example, a student one year went door to door on the street that she grew up to get sponsors for her trip.
  • Talk to your home church about sponsoring your trip. If your home church is Northeast Garland, Wylie Northeast or Denton North Church, please do not solicit these churches as they are already supporting the FOCUS ministry.
  • Host a fundraiser. Talk to the campus staff listed below if you’re interested in this option.
  • Sell tickets for the Spring Showcase! This is the best opportunity for you to raise funds for your trip. Spring Showcase is a fundraiser concert that FOCUS puts on to help pay for SICM. The time and dates are still TBD.  Every ticket sale directly supports a student. There also may be opportunities for you to volunteer at the event to earn credit towards your trip. Ask a staff person for more details.
  • If you foresee any problems paying for the trip before May 8th, please speak to a FOCUS staff member as soon as possible.


Okay, so I think I need to fundraise. What now?
Contact one of the staff members listed below for your corresponding campus to get more information about fundraising and to request a fundraising packet.

Dallas Area (UTD, TWU-Dallas): Abbie Malone – abigail.malone@anyfocus.org – (214) 235-6871, Darby Cleveland – darby.cleveland@anyfocus.org – (210) 788-7029
Richland: Jesse Bales – jesse.bales@anyfocus.org (469) 888-0415
SMU: Laurence Glenesk – laurence@anyfocus.org (214) 773-8829
Denton Area (UNT, NCTC, TWU): Shayla Trotter – shayla@anyfocus.org – (940) 595-5887
Collin College (Spring Creek, Preston Ridge, Central Park): Pedro Paz – pedro@anyfocus.org – (214) 856-9836
UT Arlington: Kelly Schlitz – kelly@anyfocus.org – (214) 422-7782


If you have not yet registered, please do so [here]

Here are a few things to keep in mind while registering for SICM:

  1. Be sure to have your driver’s license or passport handy when you register for SICM. We need specific driver’s license/passport information to book airline tickets.
  2. Travel Details – If you plan on traveling separate from the SICM group, please tell us in detail about your travel plans in the comments area of the registration form.
  3. Allergies/Food Restrictions/Disabilities – If you have any restrictions that might affect your travel arrangements or living arrangements during SICM, please let us know. We will try to accommodate what is possible.

Where will I be staying during SICM?

Thursday, June 13th  

On Thursday we will travel from Dallas to Seattle. We will stop at the hotel to drop off our belongings, and then we’ll do some sightseeing in Seattle that evening. You will need to bring money for lunch and dinner.

Friday, June 14th  

On Friday, you will get to do some sightseeing in Seattle. The hotel will provide breakfast, but you will need to bring money for lunch and dinner. We will stay in the hotel that night.

Saturday, June 15th  

On Saturday, we will travel from Seattle to Bellingham, do some sightseeing in Bellingham, and then attend a reception that evening for dinner. You need to bring money for lunch on Saturday. After the reception, you will be taken by your host family to stay at your home for the week.

June 16th-June 21st

During your stay at SICM, you will be living with a host family from the Bellingham area. They will be providing you with a place to sleep and all the food you will need during the week. Your SICM hosts do all of this without any compensation, so please be on your best behavior and don’t be shy about showing your appreciation and thankfulness to these generous families.


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